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Business opportunities with little capital is currently much in demand by many people of every circle due to leave the side of a small capital to be able to start a business, but usually the weakness of business opportunities with little capital will certainly provide an advantage a small profit, but this time you is the right place for aspects of the business opportunities we provide gives the profit side opposite, with minimal capital you can generate a large profit.

It was driven by the development of an online business is currently growing because of the retail profit is greater due to their online marketing, we no longer need to spend such a place of business, because the business side of this can be done wherever you are even at home.

With the growing community of Internet users currently online marketing technology is developing rapidly, so it’s actually not just an online business that requires effort in the field of information technology will, but can be applied to all fields.

Products DR Rochelle Skin Expert is a product of the care and beauty of the skin that have premium quality and already have the credibility of a brand product that is known by the public, and has been there since the year 2013, the current demand for and sales of products is increasing from year to year, it this is because our products are proven to provide good benefits for each user.

We are a distributor that sells original products Dr Rochelle Skin Expert, today Products Dr Rochelle Skin Expert opens a business opportunity that can be run by anyone by anyone interested in opening a small business venture capital,

And our business opportunity is a business that provides a higher profit with a small margin that will give a presentation of the business with a small capital, because the marketing system online is certainly the trend of online business can covers sales and marketing to all corners of Indonesia and even the world without having we travel frequently from one place to another, this provides a benefit that ensure that our business is a business opportunity that is right for you.

We are the distributors of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert Indonesia. We look for the agents to promote our products, Dr Rochelle, to all regions in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Get special price of DR Rochelle Skin Expert for agents and resellers, by registering yourself as the agent.

 Agent of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert |

Free website for registered agent/customers. Register yourself to be customers/resellers. After you are registered, we will save your phone number and you will be automatically registered as our reseller. When you order the products, you get special price of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert from us, with variation and terms of types and needs of product. It is easy, isn’t it? Of course, with variation and achievement target from us, we will give special bonus for agent to increase the investment.

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  • Bonus Item Products

You’ve got a special price every time you got an order. With the variety and achievement of targets and also capital investment that has been imparted to us in the form of purchase of the product, of course you still have the opportunity to earn a bonus of spending an additional product items.

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  • Get Free Roller Up Banner

For purchasing a product package from our agency, it is a form of participation support for every reseller / or our agent in terms of creativity in the form of improving product marketing expert Dr  Rochelle Skin Expert ** Terms and conditions apply.


With this system, you can sell our products without buying them first from us or sending them to your customers.  You only need to promote our products and sell them to your customers; we will deliver the products to your customers on behalf of your name without writing our identity.

So, when a buyer wants to buy the products back, he/she can directly know us from you as the reseller.

“Secret of Dropshipper Is Guaranteed”

Instead of special price, the benefits to be resellers in the dropshipping program of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert are as follows:

  1. Low risk of business since you do not have to stock the products and send them to your customers. We will do it for you.
  2. You only need to copy all pictures of products and their specifications on our website and sell them to online/offline stores; you can ask the photo from us and we will happily provide it for you,
  3. You are free to increase the price for your profit. We do not limit the selling price you give to your customers.
  4. We have special team of customer service to serve you quickly; we ensure that your SMS will be replied directly during working hour.
  5. All of our products are ready stock; you can get the receipt number for your customers at the same day.
  6. We deliver the ordered products from Monday to Saturday via JNE with the name of shipper using your online shop or your name.
  7. If you are to confused to answer the questions from your customers, please contact us via SMS. You will get the answer from us via SMS.
  8. We are online every day, call us via sms or bbm.
  9. Get special price of DR Rochelle Skin Expert products for resellers

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