How To Use Dr Rochelle Skin Expert

dr rochelle skin expert

Correct use of Product Package of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert:

Step 1:  Always clean your face with facial cleanser DR Rochelle Skin Expert before using treatment cream. Wash it with clean water and dry it with towel. Let it feel dry in 3-5 minutes.

  • Facial cleanser three times a day (morning/afternoon/night).

Step 2 : Use of clarity toner. Take cotton then pour it thoroughly on cotton, don’t pour too much. Wipe it to your face slowly. Don’t touch it for 3-5 minutes.

  • Clarity toner twice a day (used before day cream and night cream).

Step 3: Then, apply Dr Rochelle cream (day cream) or (night cream) evenly from face to neck. Always remember not to use or pour cream too much. The excessive use of cream will not accelerate the result; it is only a waste.

  • Instantly perfect BB cream (day cream) (once a day at afternoon).
  • Brightening repair (night cream) (once a day at night before sleep).

Suggestion on Use for Pimpled & Oily Skin:

SUGGESTION OF USE AT MORNING: Use facial cleanser for cleaning face, wash it and dry it with soft fabric. After your face is dry, use cotton, pour clarity toner. Apply it slowly by patting on face. For the use of INSTANTLY PERFECT BB CREAM (DAY CREAM) on pimpled face, it is not recommended to not use it first. The use of INSTANTLY PERFECT BB CREAM (DAY CREAM) on oily face is recommended to apply thinly and evenly on facial skin.

RECOMMENDATION OF USE AT NIGHT: Use facial cleanser, dry it with soft fabric. After your face is dry, use cotton. Pour clarity toner. Apply it by patting on face slowly. When your face is still wet, continue the treatment with night cream. Just let it for 10 minutes. End your treatment with ACNE CREAM on pimpled face. For pimpled face, it is recommended to focus on using BRIGHTENING REPAIR (NIGHT CREAM) and ACNE CREAM in the first week. The effectiveness in using the combination will be really helpful in drying the acne, preventing holes on face, and avoid inflammation reaction on pimpled skin, and preventing new acne.

Important information:

  • Don’t use day cream too much more than once a day.
  • For oily skin, use Instantly Perfect BB Cream (day cream), use it thinly and evenly. Rochelle has oil protection spf to give effect on certain oily skin.
  • During certain period when your skin structure on face feels oily too much, you can temporarily stop using Instantly Perfect BB Cream (dray cream) until it is normal again gradually.
  • For normal face with spots, it will be very important to get optimal result by applying step 2 (super serum) and crystal whitening cream to use in step 3.
  • For pimpled acne, it is recommended to focus on the use of acne cream and the combination of treatment package of step 1.
  • Use it frequently and comprehensively.
  • Don’t pour the cream too much since excessive uses do not accelerate the result.
  • Sleep on time. With enough sleep, it can stimulate the forming and regeneration of skin cells.

”Disclaimer”**: There is the possibility of reaction to appear from every person. The result will be different depending on some other factors; the information above is only your reference.