Packaging Technology Dr Rochelle Skin Expert

dr rochelle skin expert

Dr Rochelle Skin Expert product of choice due to the selection of the best face cream standard in a packing container with the latest technology.

Packaging we have the standard Iso International in a cosmetic packaging world, it is important and beneficial and provides protection for consumers who will use it in addition to providing benefits to protect the contents therein to be maintained in good condition, packaging container can be prevented from excessive exposure to the air, which can minimize bacteria enter up to 90% compared with other cosmetic containers, thereby increasing the shelf life of products up to 50% longer. This is the latest technology of cosmetic packaging, beauty international standards.


For you if your first time using Dr Rochelle Skin Expert product, when you will be using the cream night and day, make sure you open the small cap located on the holes top of the container of cream, then pressing down the pump at the top, and cream will come out automatically on the surface.


And you do not have to worry about the problem a standard pump is not working correctly because the packaging container has been designed with a good work intensity. Besides protecting the product packaging DR Rochelle Skin Expert, this packaging was also able to eliminate all metal components are likely to be contained in the container, keeping the temperature inside the container to remain stable so that the cream you will be awake quality.

dr rochelle skin expert