Crystal Whitening Cream

Dr Rochelle Skin Expert Crystal Whitening Cream, applies the best, complete premium product for treatment of your facial skin, with ingredients of cosmetics to repair the growth of new skin structure and to provide important nutrient for your skin.

Crystal Whitening Cream DR Rochelle Skin Expert

The application of Crystal whitening cream is very important to be used together after using facial care product of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert in week 4-5 to support the regeneration of brighter, whiter skin growth. This product will optimize the whitening process of facial skin.

Get the best result from your facial treatment with DR Rochelle Skin Expert beauty products. How to use crystal whitening cream:

  • The use in week 4-5, after the treatment with Dr Rochelle products.
  • Use it three times in a day together with the use of brightening repair (night cream).
  • Clean your face with facial cleanser, wash with clean water and dry it with towel.
  • Apply the crystal whitening cream on face thoroughly, cheek, neck, and chin. Apply it evenly to facial skin.

”Disclaimer” **: There is the possibility of reaction to appear from every person. The result will be different depending on some other factors; the information above is only your reference.


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