Dr Rochelle Skin Expert Glutacolla Drink

Dr Rochelle Skin Expert Glutacolla Drink

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With Glutathion + Collagen + Stemcell

Basically, the ingredients of the above three naturally possessed in our bodies and as time goes by and the age of the entire content will decrease in our bodies. There will be a generation of aging and start a skin will lose its function as skin elasticity, formation of wrinkles, frown lines and also a decrease of stamina and health.


Medical science world categorize glutathione as a super antioxidant that has the effect of self-defense mechanism that is unmatched. Glutathione basically have 75 benefits for the skin and body health.


Collagen is an important building block for the content of the skin to make 70% of the protein that forms the body of the skin and also has many important roles for the skin.


StemCell is the development of medical science-based medicine in which the body cell has been developed by the developed countries to cure the disease and provide health benefits to the body.


Products GLUTACOLLA Dr Rochelle Skin Expert is a product of secret pretty healthy and youthful

The development of modern products that provide benefits for skin and health.


GLUTACOLLA Dr Rochelle Skin Expert benefits for the skin:


Whiten The dark pigment melanin.

Whiten the skin, even out skin tone stripes that become whiter and brighter.

Prevent acne and accelerate the healing process of acne.

Eliminate black spots Acne scars due to sunlight, the age factor.

Whiten the black portions in the armpits, knees, elbows and groin.

Reducing Wrinkles.

Restores skin and detoxify skin exposed after using mercury product.

Reduces redness caused by inflammation or sensitive skin.

Makes the skin more toned, supple and elastic.

The skin will be noticeably brighter glow, fresh and youthful look.


GLUTACOLLA Dr Rochelle Skin Expert benefits for health:

Disposing of toxic substances in the body.

Helping process of treatment headaches, migraines by vertigo.

Helping process of treatment cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, sinusitis, tuberculosis.

Helping the process of treatment of various kinds of complaints caused by free radicals.

Reduce hair loss.

Strengthen bones.

Eliminating bone ache.

Strengthen teeth and nails.

Increase stamina.


How to use :

1 time a day every night before bed.

Brewed with plain water 100ml

(Don’t use hot water or cold water)

* That does not reduce substances – essential therein

One box contains 15 pcs

“Disclaimer” **: There is a possibility that the reaction and result are different for every person, but we do not guarantee the result for every user since the information we provide is only for the reference of the users.


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