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dr rochelle skin expert
Dr Rochelle Skin Expert

DR Rochelle Skin Expert | Dermatology Beauty Product from Singapore

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dr rochelle skin expert


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Results of lab tests Dr Rochelle Skin Expert

dr rochelle skin expert

It is obvious that women want to have white facial skin with clean, shiny look and they do anything to get useful facial care product. Some of them go to beauty clinic, consult to doctor specializing in skin beauty, and buy beauty products in stores or malls providing skin treatment product; those choices are common and valid. In this phenomenon, women tend to like instant way to whiten their facial skin rather than natural, gradual way to whiten the face. Instead of this instant result and easiness, it has the risk and there is no mistake in desiring the instant result. However, we must understand that instant thing is not good and useful; you should choose facial treatment cream focused on giving nutrition for skin since the treatment will give much better benefits with frequent use.

In this article, we want to introduce and give advice to help you find and choose the best facial care product with every benefit as needed before you decide your choice on product.

The Facial Cream Treatment of Rochelle Skin Expert Dermatology is a series of products from beauty experts from Singapore creating the formula based on modern science. The formula is made to solve several problems of facial skin. The experts conducted the research to find the suitable formula to understand the difference and uniqueness of skin types of Indonesian women.

The facial care product of DR Rochelle Skin Expert gives nutrition for skin with complete vitamin and active formula for modern anti-ageing, anti-irritation, and skin repair solution to make your facial skin look young, bright, and shiny naturally. Every skin cell is really rejuvenated again, with more lively and healthier result.

All active ingredients we use are the best raw materials tested effective and safe, from nature.

DR Rochelle Skin Expert was tested in the laboratory of Singapore with the notification of Food and Drug Supervisory Agency in Indonesia. You can check its valid registration on With raw material imported from Swiss, it is formulated professionally by the experts of skin beauty from Singapore to solve the problems of your facial skin.

Our products are very safe, 100% without dangerous formula usually used to mix cosmetics for face like MERCURY and HYDROQUINON.

DR Rochelle Skin Expert is the facial care product with benefits for facial skin, such as:

  • Softening and Moisturizing
  • Tightening and Making Skin Elastic
  • Removing wrinkle
  • Hiding and Removing Spots
  • Curing Acne
  • Nourishing skin
  • Regenerating new skin cells
  • Brightening skin
  • Whitening skin

” Disclaimer” **: There is a possibility that the reaction process and result are different for every person, but we do not guarantee the result for every user since the information we provide is only for the reference of the users. May this article be useful for you.

Products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert:

  • Luxuries Package 30 gr
  • Mini Package 15 gr
  • Instantly Perfect BB Cream
  • Brightening Repair Night Cream
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Clarity Toner
  • Super Serum
  • Acne Cream
  • Crystal Whitening Cream
  • Crystal Whitening Body Lotion