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dr rochelle skin expert

DR ROCHELLE SKIN EXPERT products are SAFE and MILD for your daily treatments at home. For these products, the skin treatment is carefully formulated to rejuvenate, REPAIR & IMPROVE your skin, provide important nutrition for skin with the best solution from NATURE & SCIENCE. The series of our skin treatments are composed of the most sophisticated ingredients for ANTI AGING, ANTI IRRITATION & SKIN REPAIR to make your skin look RADIANT & YOUNG since every skin cell will be healthier. We only use the best active ingredients from nature proven for EFFICACY & SAFETY. Most of them come from nature and inspired by nature.

Composition of DR Rochelle Skin Expert formula.

The best ingredients in DR Rochelle Skin Expert are as follows :

Bellis perennis (DAISY) FLOWER EXTRACT :

It is also known as English Daisy from West Europe, Central Europe, and North Europe. Its naturalization is in North America. The extract is made of daisy with saponin, polyphenols, and polysaccharides. The extract hampers the activity of tyrosine with antioxidants and effects of free radicals from polyphenols fraction. This study shows excellent skin brightening for treatment of oily, dirty skin.

Bellis perennis (Daisy Flower) is the specific species of daisy from Europe; West Europe, Central Europe, and North Europe.Interestingly, every sheath is actually considered as individual flower and the centre of the accumulation of small yellow flower. In the skin treatment, the extract of wild daisy is considered natural, soft, efficient Lightener for skin. The use can be tracked back to Ancient Rome when it was used by the surgeon.

How can the formula of bellis perenis in the products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert work
? The Daisy works by affecting different spots forming melamine, preventing the spots by ageing process, and maintaining the balance of hyperpigmentation. Before the melanogenesis is started, the bellis perennis reduces the Endothelin (protein narrowing the blood vessel), production of keratinocytes and blockage of binding and transfer of melanocytes. It also affects the synthesis of tyrosine and activity during the melamine forming and reduces the production of melamine in melanosome. This strong ingredient also has the ability to take ROS and solve the existing pigmentation problem.

The products of Rochelle Skin Expert with bellis perennis (daisy):

Brightening repair night cream

Fungsi JOJOBA OIL untuk kulit wajah :

The jojoba oil provides ideal solution for your skin if you have acne, premature ageing process or other skin problems. It is not true if you assume that you cannot use this oil safely to moisturize the face. This “oil” imitating sebum of human or oil skin is closer than every compound in the nature. Whenever you apply it, it can reduce the production of excessive oil by tricking your skin as if it is the production of sebum, so it can maintain the balanced moisture for every skin type. The jojoba oil is taken from seed of jojoba tree (Simmondsia chinensis), the weed of wild plants in the area of Sonora Desert of Mexico, south west of United States of America, Australia, Israel, and South America. It is produced as the commodity around the world.

Fungsi glisin Soja (KEDELAI) EXTRACT :

Glycine Soja Oil also has the antioxidants such as vitamin B complex and vitamin C. These antioxidants are well-known to prevent wrinkle and soft line and to recover the brightness of skin. Instead of healthy skin, Glycine Soja Oil also improves the appearance of your skin texture. It ensures that your skin looks brighter like before.

Glycine Soja Oil has anti-inflammation affecting granulocytes, monocytes, and lymphocytes. Furthermore, Genistein is also related with hampering of metaloproteinase enzyme production. This enzyme results in problem in the skin collagen – Glycine Soja Oil is enriched with a number of antioxidants protecting skin from damage of free radicals. It prevents stoppage of skin cells and encourages the healthier skin cells. As the result, your skin health will be improved comprehensively.
Removing spots on skin – Glycine Soja Oil is preferred by those who suffer from the spots on skin like acne. Using this oil frequently can reduce the spots on skin and make skin look healthier, The use of Glycine Soja Oil can help people with combination skin type. Glycine Soja Oil is always called moisturizer due to its unique ability to help people with dry skin and oily skin.

Benefits of Glycine Soja Oil
Jojoba oil produces skin existing in human skin and it has benefits related to its use as the facial moisturizer every day: it spreads and absorbs well without evaporation like common water-based moisturizer, so it gives daily moisturization, non-comedogenic. It is without oil and odour, so it is ideal for individual use or with essential oil. The anti-bacterial characteristics help contaminated pores to recover its natural pH balance. The jojoba oil prevents wrinkle and stretch mark by reducing the loss of epidermal liquid. It brightens the scars together with another imperfection on skin. It is a natural antioxidants and hypoallergenic. Jojoba oil is not only for your face since it can be used for skin from top to bottom.

The products of Rochelle Skin Expert with Glycine Soja Oil:

Instantly Perfect BB cream, Brightening repair night cream

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate dan apa fungsinya?

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a relatively new form of vitamin C. it is a very static form changed into vitamin C by enzyme in skin absorbed once. It is also considered less annoying than other forms of vitamin C. Thus, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin. A strong antioxidant stimulates the collagen production and prevents the signs of premature ageing. Besides, it also brightens the skin. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is used in the product for skin treatment with concentration from 0.01% to 3%, though it can be used until 5%.

Products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert with Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate:

Clarity toner, facial wash


The papaya extract is made of seed of papaya; fruit with papain and chymonpapain enzymes, exfoliating characteristics to cure dead, damaged skin. It is usually known to improve texture and tone of skin. It improves better circulation from blood and provides healthy, lively skin. It is good especially for rejuvenation, dull skin; it cleans brown spots by exposure of sunlight, softens skin and makes it look healthier.

Benefits from Papaya: It is a good source of vitamin A and papain; this fruit removes dead skin cells together with inactive protein. The best part of papaya is ‘low quality sodium’ to provide little water retention. Thus, it is recommended to prevent skin dehydration. Papaya is used as natural exfoliator for skin and reduces the signs of ageing process on skin.

The products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert with Papaya extract:

Facial cleanser, clarity toner


Olive oil is one of the most profitable natural products with high nutrition since its invention 5,000 years ago. The olive oil is extracted from olive tree of Mediterranean basin. The olive oil has four antioxidants to be the cleanser, moisturizer, and protector for skin. Vitamin A and vitamin E belong to the antioxidants. Vitamin E has an anti-ageing effect since it recovers the skin elasticity.

Olive Oil penetrates the skin without clogging the pores – these side effects are often caused by other commercial moisturizing product as the side effect. The olive oil is different. It moisturizes the skin and it can be used as the medicine at home for all conditions like eczema or psoriasis causing spots of dry skin. Many women use it as the therapy after childbirth and many people use it to remove spots on skin.

It is also used as exfoliator. This natural ingredient is usually used by mixing it with sea salt and applying it to body. The light abrasive quality of sea salt is combined to lift the dead skin cells and let the epidermal recovered to be bright.

The products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert with Olive Oil:

Brightening repair night cream, Instantly Perfect BB cream

Manfaat LIDAH BUAYA untuk kulit wajah :

The aloe vera is plant of miracle. It grows in dry climate of Africa and India; it is a herbal medicine with natural solution for skin conditions including dry skin and severe acne. The aloe vera can be found easily; it is a hidden watery substance with long thick leaves.

The aloe vera has the ability as the moisturizer that is really good for daily cream. It is very good for face, especially women who use cosmetic frequently since it effectively cleans and softens skin. The moisturizing effect for men and women. The antimicrobial effect of aloe vera is a very good choice to cure acne. The aloe vera can prevent acne with anti-inflammation traits to reduce skin inflammation by acne. The content can Solve Ageing Process of Skin by applying gel of aloe vera to your face on a regular basis. It will help you reduce the wrinkle by ageing process and loss of skin elasticity. The aloe vera has vitamin C and E for supporting skin health. The recovery trait of aloe vera can reduce pain and inflammation related to sunlight exposure. It has the function to recover your natural skin moisture and acts as the protection on further damage on skin.

The products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert with aloe vera: 

Facial cleanser, clarity toner