Process Reaction Using Dr Rochelle Skin Expert

dr rochelle skin expert

For you who want to know how to whiten your skin and do an appropriate skin care, so that you can benefit from the use of facial treatments Dr Rochelle Skin Expert good you see its details below.

Phase reactions and processes Use of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert.

1.Skin repair : Occurs in 1-2 weeks

2.Moisturize skin : Occurs in 2-3 weeks

3.Skin Rejuvenation : Occurs in 3-4 weeks

4.Skin Protection : Occurs within 5-6 weeks

5.Whitening skin : Occurs in 8-10 weeks

Phase reactions and processes that will arise in the use of DR products Rochelle Skin Expert:

Repair skin: In the process of adoption in the first week of cream will work removing dead skin cells the working of the process does not make the skin peeled off excess, and if peeling occurs most likely just a little and it is due to the removal of dead skin that comes from a buildup of makeup, foundation and talc, and you need to know in general almost all skin care products have the process of exfoliation, which means that the process has the potential to induce skin layer which would result in exfoliation light, thus providing new deeper layers of skin fresh and bright, it is not will make your skin, itching, burning, let alone make your skin thins and vulnerable. “Disclaimer” ** (There is a possibility of the process and the result can be different for each individual)

Moisturize and Rejuvenate skin: After regular use within the first 2 weeks your skin will feel soft, clean and bright it is derived from the work process Cream night (brightening repair), and the routine use of cream during the first 2 weeks of your skin every time the cream lunch (instantly perfect bb cream) will appear to glow and shine bright and shining, but remember though it will look good on the face of your cream should not be used excessively ample use 1x per day in accordance with the instructions, and the phases of the process of moisturizing the skin, skin structure your face will seems a little greasy but you need not worry because the oil produced from oil protection contained in the cream day to provide protection against the effects of ultraviolet light as well as air pollution, for you who have oily skin if your skin seems oily excess in term time specific and it has not changed, you can stop using the cream day and on a temporary basis until the skin back to normal and you can divert your daytime care with the use of super serum. “Disclaimer” ** (There is a possibility of the process and the result can be different for each individual)

Skin Protection: It is recommended not to use other cosmetics during the first month of treatment, and at this stage in 3-4 weeks of regular use your skin will continue to be rejuvenated by treatment Dr Rochelle Skin Expert, the application you care to add “SUPER SERUM” where the product this made additional applications that will help provide additional nutirisi and simultaneously ANTI AGING skin to memaximalkan in running care. “Disclaimer” ** (There is a possibility of the process and the result can be different for each individual)

Skin Whitening: the skin cells responsible for bright or dark the color of one’s skin is melanin. And melanin is sometimes influenced by genetic factors (hereditary) and environmental factors (sun, weather, humidity). Someone who melanin production levels high, it will usually have a darker skin tone. However, the actual production of melanin has a function to keep the skin from the adverse effects of UV rays. And at the stage of 2-3 months, you will experience the process of bleaching the skin gradually over time, in which the facial skin bleaching process we mean the structure of skin color were clean and bright and whiter than ever, to whiten the face is not a quick and instant, when the cream facial treatments can make the process of whitening with a fast time of course you should question the content of what is in the product, and about the original skin color becomes fast or slow a way to whiten facial skin, if the color of your complexion is black and such as skin color asia people in general will certainly take that much longer. Vice versa, if you have a structure to your original skin color brown or tan will be much faster. And the process in this period of time your skin will gradually produce a structure which is more white skin, bright and healthy.  During the first month of treatment runs we suggest to use additional products such as “CRYSTAL WHITENING CREAM” where the application of these products will help maximize process and bleach the skin, acting as Whitening cream works by slowing the production of melanin, and thus prevents darkening of the skin.

“Disclaimer” ** (There is a possibility of the process and the result can be different for each individual)

Hopefully the info Reaction Product use Dr Rochelle Skin Expert this will be a benefit that is good for you.

Happy shopping.