Fake Products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert

dr rochelle skin expert

BE CAREFUL in purchasing products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert!!

Avoid purchasing fake products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert. The ingredients and formula will be different and we do not ensure the benefits and effects of using fake products. The interest of customers is really high on a product and this condition is used by some people who want to get advantage from a brand. It is a phenomenon for the irresponsible people who try falsifying certain products. The customers must be careful in purchasing the products. The packaging in a product is easy to be falsified; if a product is falsified, the packaging is 70-95% almost similar with the original product. However, the content will be very different; the fake products only have the raw material and formula with fake whitening cream. As we know, fake whitening cream usually uses cheap raw material. In some cases, fake whitening cream products use dangerous raw material for cosmetics that can give negative effect for your skin, for long term or short term.

There are some aspects you must consider in purchasing products of Dr Rochelle Skin Expert.

  • Don’t be tempted with a relatively cheap price lower than standard price.
  • Observe the packaging since there are differences between original products and fake ones in terms of bottle of toner, facial cleanser, and pot cream (example of package can be checked in our site).
  • Ask the original picture of cream in the package since fake and original products have different colour and cream structure. It can help you know fake products.
  • Treatment products, day and night creams, only have 2 sizes (30 gr luxuries and 15 gr mini pack). We do not produce other sizes.
  • The package of cream and bottle use embossed screen printing not the sticker.
  • Super serum, crystal whitening, eye cream have the same design for its bottle and the size is 30 ml. If you find label written 15 ml, the package probably still uses the sticker printed in a wrong way. However, we ensure that the bottle is 30 ml. The official distributor releases 1 form of packaging and size. When the sellers have different size and bottle, it should be questioned. The products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert are distributed online.
  • Conduct a comparative study with pictures by typing keyword DR Rochelle Skin Expert on search engine. You will see the majority and minority product pictures. From these pictures, you can conclude that the majority pictures can be used as the references as the original products.
  • Ask the warranty to sellers, confirming that the sold products are original.

We apologize if we only provide minimum information about the fake products of DR Rochelle Skin Expert, but we always try providing the newest update for our customers to get suitable, useful information, in order to avoid purchasing fake DR Rochelle products.

dr rochelle skin expert
dr rochelle skin expert
dr rochelle skin expert
dr rochelle skin expert